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BHTOP Cordless Brad Nailer 18Ga Heavy Finish Nail Gun With 18Volt 2Ah Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery in Yellow With Charger and Carrying Case 2 Batteries Finish Nailer (Brad Nails Only)

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Brand: BHTOP

Color: Yellow


  • 『Widely Use』:Compatible with Nail, ideal for a range of materials and applications and satisfies your different need in nailing. Suitable brad nails: 25mm to 50mm (1″ to 2“) 18 Gauge. Only for brad nails, makes the nailer less jammed.
  • 『Convenient Operation』:Alternate between single and contact firing modes with our dual mode toggle switch which makes it easy to deal with high-intensity work flexibly. Adjustable nailing depth is controlled by the rotation of the regulation knob.
  • 『Special Improvement』:A 2Ah removable battery can work 400-500 nails. With LED lighting to challenge a variety of dark environments.
  • 『Humanized Design』:Integrated efficient air compressor,wireless use,lightweight,malfunction Indicator LED,non-slip rubber handle and portable hook design make it perfect for any work scene.y when the safety switch is pressed in order to avoid damage caused by misoperation.
  • 『Loading Advises』:Hold machine with your right hand, load nail against the nose, load staple against the machine body. Do not put the nails that longer than 2” or shorter than 1” into the nailer otherwise the nailer may be jammed. When you get jammed: Unload all nail.–Keep magazine open –Fire with opening magazine. –The machine will fix and pull the piston back to right position. –After all , make sure the screws on the nose is tight enough. And it should be power enough.

Details: Good Customer Service
Any quality or use problem , feel free to contact us. We are always here for you.

Product features and advantages:
1.Adjustable Nailing Depth:Adjust the depth by turning the knob to cope with different nailing conditions
2.Nailing clip:Made of aluminum alloy,surface nitriding,anti-wear,durable,lighter.
3.Portability Design:Wireless use and humanized hook design make it adapt to a working environment without electricity.
4.LED lighting:Enough to challenge a variety of dark environments.
5.Malfunction Indicator LED:LED red flashing = Jam,Red LED = Low battery,Green LED = No nails
6.Safety Guarantee:Safety designs to require that the nail gun can work only when the safety switch is pressed
7.2 working modes :With single firing & contact firing 2 working modes,you can face high intensity work leisurely

Safety Instruction:
1.Please pull out the battery pack when checking safety thimble and switch trigger,scavenging nail or repairing.
2.Please keep wearing safety gloves and eye masks, even protective masks during operation.
3.When not nailing,please keep your finger away from the switch trigger in order to avoid accidental nailing
4.Before starting work, please confirm the working mode that is correct.
5.At any time,please don’t point the nail gun at anyone.

Product Parameters:
Battery Charge: 110V~240V,50/60Hz
Input Voltage: 18VDC ,2000mAh
Battery: Li-ion battery
Max Firing Speed: 100nails/staples per minute
Max Magazine capacity: holds up to 100 nails / staples
Max Length of nails: 50mm (2″) 18 Gauge Brad Nail
staple Dimensions: 285x274x96mm
Weight: 2.65Kgs
Charging time: around 45minutes
Shots/full charge:400shots
Components:cordless nailer, two batteries, one charger, wrench, 200pcs 2″ brad nail, 200pcs 1 9/16″ staple, manual,case

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