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Senco SLP20 5/8-Inch to 1-5/8-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

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Brand: Senco


  • Drives slight and medium heads
  • Lightweight, only 2.3 pounds
  • Easy side loading
  • E-Z Clear for jams
  • Oil-free design

Details: Amazon.com One of the most popular brad nailers on the market, this model from Senco is lightweight, oil free, and perfect for work on fine woods and trim. It has a comfortable foam grip and, at only 2.3 pounds, you’ll be able to use it all day without having to worry about excessive arm fatigue. The nailer drives 5/8- to 1-5/8-inch medium- and slight-head brads and offers easy side loading and a handy jam-clearing feature. Since it’s oil free, you can forget that morning maintenance ritual and–better yet–you won’t have to worry about getting oil on fine woods. Overall, this is an easy-to-use unit that should be given serious consideration if you’re looking for an everyday brad nailer. –Jonathon Tudor From the Manufacturer This Senco brad nailer drives a wide range of both slight-headed and medium-headed brads to give you two tools in one. It offers easy side loading, which allows you to change brad lengths without adjusting the tool. The E-Z Clear feature permits quick and easy clearing of jams. The oil-free design means easier maintenance and that it won’t stain fine woods. It will accommodate 5/8- to 1-5/8-inch brads and weighs only 2.3 pounds. Fitting not included.

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