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BYNFORD HARDWOOD FLOORING STAPLER NAILER (For conventional 5/8″ & under T&G flooring AND SHAW type flooring groove side stapling).

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Brand: Bynford


  • Uses standard 18 gauge narrow crown staples AND 18 gauge brad nails up to 1-9/16″
  • Shoe easily adjusts to multiple floor thicknesses
  • Designed for floors from 1/4″ – 9/16″ (or 3/4″ in limited applications)
  • New shoe designs permits use on Shaw type groove side fastening (floor with longer lower lip on groove side)
  • Adjustable depth control for limited countersink. INCLUDES BM PLASTIC CASE

Publisher: BYNFORD

Details: An economical and well made general purpose hardwood flooring stapler. Although not recommended for commercial use, this is ideal as a backup tool for the contractor, or for the person laying their own floors (way cheaper than a few days rental!) the value in this tool is hard to beat. This tool is ideally suited for floors up to 9/16\”, although we recommend you check your flooring instructions to make sure the 18 gauge narrow crown staple is recommended for your floor. Some thicker harder floors (eg. Bamboo) may require a larger tool. On harder woods, we recommend using the shortest staple which meets your installation requirements. This tool has also been recently re-designed to allow it to staple down floors with the extended lower lip on the groove side which require nailing on that side (some SHAW etc). Although rated for up to 9/16\”, it will work on 3/4\” for work in tight corners etc, but most 3/4\” flooring does recommend a heavier fastener. And when done your floor, you can easily switch of the nose for a standard one (included) which converts the tool to a standard narrow crown stapler/combination 18 gauge brad nailer! AND NOW INCLUDES BM PLASTIC CASE.

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