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Powernail Model 50F, 18-Gauge Cleat Nailer for Engineered Wood Flooring (3/8″ to 3/4″ thick)

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Brand: Powernail


  • Put the Hammer Down! This 18-gauge flooring nailer takes all of the intimidation out of a floor installation with the pull of a trigger. No mallet is required to operate this tool, but it still drives an 18-gauge floor cleat! It is perfect for today’s top brands of engineered flooring.
  • Install the widest variety of Wood Floor. Featuring Powernail’s patented FLEX Foot technology, this 18-ga floor nailer is fully adjustable and installs engineered wood flooring from 3/4″ to 3/8″.
  • Protect your floor! This Powernailer’s adjustable foot will not scratch or damage prefinished floor, nor will it loosen half-way through an installation. The Flex foot keeps this tool off of the subfloor so when adhesive is used your tool will not drag or catch.
  • This trigger-pull cleat nailer is sold as a kit and includes one model 50F nailer, one large tapping block and a Heavy-Duty Carrying Case.
  • Install your floor with a nail designed specifically for floors! The Powernail Model 50F drives 18-gauge, L-shaped Floor Cleats (Floor Nails) in lengths from 1-3/4″ to 1″. The model 50F can install traditional tongue and groove Engineered Wood Flooring as well as Interlocking systems. Use with 18-gauge Powernail PowerCleats or similar brands 18-ga L-shaped steel cleats.

Publisher: Powernail Company, Inc.

Details: The Model 50F, Trigger-Pull cleat nailer is the most advanced 18-Gauge Powernailer in its category. This nailer was designed with a variety of innovative features to work faster, longer and harder than the competition. The model 50F features trigger-pulled actuation, a one-piece adjustable Flex Foot and a surprisingly compact size. When it comes to fastening today’s top brands of engineered and hardwood flooring, this Powernailer is in a league of its own.

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