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Durafied GFN Cordless Gas Framing Nailer

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Brand: Durafied®

Color: Red


  • The Durafied Framing Nailer is also designed with user-friendly job-site features.
  • The highly-visible magazine prevents you from running out of nails mid project.
  • Thereʼs also a dual-position belt hanger, so you won’t have to lay it down on the ground.
  • And we’ve made it bright red in color – easy to spot in a busy construction area.

Publisher: Durafied

Details: Those who know how to get the job done quickly and professionally use DURAFIED Cordless Framing Nailers. Forget about the days of hauling around your air compressor, hoses, generator and extension cords to the job site. The DTG3490 Cordless framing nailer is both rugged and lightweight. Tackle a quick job in the time you would spend on setup and cleanup with a traditional nailer. Saving you time means saving you money! Comes complete with hardshell case, battery, and charger! Uses standard gas cartridges interchangeable with all major brands.

Compact enough to work in tight, hard-to-reach areas, the GFN Framing Nailer packs a powerful punch. At 15″ long and weigh- ing only 8.3 pounds, this work-horse of a nailer can handle the most challenging conditions. With a 2-3 nails per second cycle rate, it can shoot up to 1,000 nails on a single fuel cell and up to 4,000 nails on a full battery charge. And no more wrenches – you’ll get more done in less time with tool-free drive depth adjustment.

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