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Max SN883RH SuperFramer 20-Degree Strip Framer

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Color: CSAFS-104


  • Anti-double fire trigger (us patent 5597106)
  • Maintenance free end cap filter (us patent 5637125) captures dirt and sand down to microns but lets oil and air into the tool; filter keeps inside parts clean and lasting longer than competitors tools with out filters
  • Only 11-7/8-Inch tall to fit between 16-Inch on center framing easily

Publisher: Max

Details: From the Manufacturer The sn883rh strip superframer shoots a wide range of fasteners from 2-Inch by 1/9-Inch to 3-1/4-Inch by 1/7-Inch 20-Degree plastic or paper collated nails. The sn883rh features our patented maintenance free end cap filter, weighs only 7-Pound, comfortable rubber grip, reduced recoil engineering system, pointy teeth on contact arm, trigger lock lever, magnet in nose to hold last nail in place and our anti double fire trigger mechanism (us patent 5597106). The tool can be contact or single fire with no adjustments to the tool pull trigger then depress contact arm and the tool will contact fire to single fire first depress contact arm then pull and hold trigger tool cannot fire second nail until trigger is released and tool can cycle.

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Max Usa Corp.


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