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Powernail Power Palm Pneumatic Nailer

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Brand: Powernail

Color: red and black


  • Virtually eliminates top nailing on both Hardwood and Engineered, Tongue and Groove flooring
  • Will blind nail starting rows, final rows and in tight spaces
  • Drives both 16-gauge and 18-gauge L-style and T-style Cleats (floor nails). The PowerPalm also works as a countersink for unset cleats
  • Specially designed tip is angled to fit into the nail pocket, magnetic to hold cleats securely and rotates to fit in tight spaces. Will fit in the Palm of you hand
  • Pressure activated

Publisher: Powernail Company, Inc.

Details: The Powernail PowerPalm is an essential flooring installation tool for both the Pro and DIYer. The PowerPalm is a pressure actuated pneumatic palm nailer for driving flooring cleats. This revolutionary tool allows you to blind nail starting rows, final rows and in tight spaces with both 18 gauge and 16 gauge L-style and T-style cleats. It is designed to aid in the fastening of a wide range of today’s tongue-and-groove flooring. Top nailing final rows used to be an inevitability. As the installer worked closer to the wall they would eventually run out of space for their nailer, yet more rows were needed to complete the floor. This is where Top Nailing came into play. Top nailing is the method of fastening the floor plank into the subfloor from its top surface. This method either left unsightly nail heads on the walking surface of the floor, or the installer would countersink and fill the holes. Either method left the floor with unflattering blemishes. The PowerPalm by Powernail virtually eliminates top nailing, while maintaining the integrity and aesthetic of your installation. The PowerPalm incorporates a minimally sized profile and specially engineered tip to fit into tight places and drive cleats into the nail pocket.

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