Roofing Nailers

Logically, roofing nailers are the specific nail guns made precisely for roofing or de-roofing jobs. Manufacturers of roofing nailers typically specify how their tools can be applied and with what materials they can cope with. You may need to pick a roofing nailer to fix or repair any roofing surface made of asphalt, fiberglass and insulation board.

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One of the key benefits is that a roofing nail gun doesn’t require regular refilling. That is how you may reduce the time of working with a ladder since you won’t have to climb down too often to refill your device. Some experts claim that roofing nailers may save up to 75% less time than with any other roofing device.


Do you need to fix metal or wood sheets in your roofing layer? Then pay attention to premium roofing nailers that were specifically designed for this type of job.

Roofing nailers stand for heavy-duty nail guns, a lot like frame nailers. Usually, they are picked mostly by skilled contractors, while DIYers can still have one of such instruments in their tool bags. It is often applied for nailing asphalt shingles, the roofing made of fiberglass, and other roofing surfaces.

Such a nailer is not just your typical nail gun, since you won’t build or fix a roof every day. In reality, it could take you months or even years to really utilize this instrument unless you’re a specialist or you’re struck with an unexpected storm. You may plan to nail the roof down slowly, which could be a tiresome and time-consuming process. Or you may apply a roofing nail gun that could easily manage short, square-headed flat nails.

With the support of a roofing nail gun, you may even protect your shingles. In this scenario, the roofing nails made of aluminum or galvanized are used for the construction of shingles.

Roofing nails also can handle polyester and bituminous materials. The products applied to make the roof waterproof can be also nailed with this tool. You may apply a heat pad or a staple or roof nailer to connect the felt to the wall. And in that situation, naturally, the roof nailer is the most safe instrument.

Re-roofing is also a common case for a roofing nail gun. Taking down the nails from the previous build with the roof nailer is a more convenient process.


  • Minimum effort is required for installation of a great roof;
  • You will spend less time when using a roofing nail gun because all the nails inside are drive automatically with little force applied;
  • Your hand won’t get tired because the design of roofing nailers reduce the wrist fatigue to minimum;
  • Just like all nail guns, the roofing devices are recognized for precision and accuracy. You just need to learn how to it works and that’s it;
  • Some premium roofing nailers have a depth-drive option for better accuracy and stability of the installed nails;
  • Safety always comes first when you apply a roofing nailer. Your fingers and palms will be over-protected;

Final thoughts

Most roofing nail guns are valuable because they will ensure you always get the job done easily, securely and efficiently. The tools are also sold in various shapes and sizes.