Carpet Staplers

Most staple guns will do for the installation and fixing of carpets on the walls and floors. Experts recommend picking electric staplers because they are more powerful than manual devices. Electric carpet staplers are designed to deliver easier stapling of thick carpets to any floor surface. Unlike flooring nailers, carpet staple guns won’t damage the floors and walls when you install thick or thin rugs.

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Besides, most electric carpet staple guns have a lock mechanism that prevents any accidental shots inside a tool bag or if the device is picked by a pet or child.


Not all floors are made of hard materials. Carpeting is often regularly built in households and office buildings, and staples have a benefit. Since there is not too much chance of scratching the surface as so much friction is added to the stapler, you will end up having a new floor finished in only a few hours with the usage of this device.

Carpet staplers deliver 16-22 gauges in most cases and such nail size is the best for stapling the thickest carpets to the floors.

If you are installing a new flooring surface, you have two basic options: cleats or staples. Cleats are often seen in hardwood flooring when the real material grows and slowly decreases.

Staples, with their two prong openings, initially provide a solid mounting stage, but it may induce weakening from the normal shifting of the floor over time that cleats do not do. Long-term longevity belongs to the cleats instead of the hardwood surface classics.


  • More accurate than any glue or flooring nailer. And more reliable than most other tools typically picked for the installation of carpets;
  • Simple to use. Nails, pins and glue may be used to protect carpets and floors safely. Nevertheless, these approaches are static and not ideal for temporary tasks. Staples are much better from this point;
  • The stapling may last for a few years. Floors compress and extend over time owing to varying reactions to humidity and temperatures. It often refers to carpets owing to the wooden frame that has to be put beneath them. Many installation choices, such as nails and glues, degrade and decrease the grip on the floors. If you are using staples, you don’t have to go through the hassle of removing the fasteners;
  • ​Versatile uses. Carpet staple guns are flexible and simple to use. There are various styles of labels to pick from, and they are usually inexpensive. Most staple guns need little to no work to stack floors. They’re delivering the staples to the correct depth and the flooring can be securely kept down;

Final thoughts

Carpet staple guns were specifically made to prevent any damage (spots or scratches) when installing or fixing new carpets to the floors of different materials. If you seek the best tool for installing a new carpeting material in a house, you should not miss this stapler.