Flooring Staplers

Flooring staple guns resemble a flooring nail gun a lot. They are also designed for engineering flooring made of hardwood and installation of different floor materials. But unlike nail guns, flooring staplers are more suitable for the installation of hardwood flooring. A hammer won’t cope with such a task. Though most flooring staple guns include a rubber mallet inside to drive the staples into the precise spots.

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Flooring staple guns are often available in manual or pneumatic versions, while manual floor staplers are usually not favored in the building industry. As you can see, electrical flooring staplers are also an alternative, based on the power source you prefer – although pneumatics are by far the most popular choice among floor staple guns.


These devices can become useful whenever you are working with laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, carpeting, etc. If you’ve recently remodeled or constructed a house, you’d typically find hardwood or laminate flooring for at minimum one room or a whole flooring surface.

Selecting the form of flooring or carpeting device is also up to you based on the quality of flooring and the sort of carpet. There are a number of floor staple guns available for the job. Some of these tools are fantastic value for money and prove to be easier than borrowing them.

Flooring staple guns are available in manual, electrical or pneumatic variations, although manual floor staplers are generally not recommended in the construction industry.

If you build a new board, you should have two choices for cleats and staples. When you’re doing hardwood flooring, so you ought to use cleats because they appear to be sturdier than hardwood floor staples. One of the greatest things about flooring staplers is that the staples come cheaper than the cleats. If you are installing the instant wood flooring, you can attach a couple staples here and there and you can quickly finish off the floor.

Not just solid wood flooring, but carpeting is also installed in households and workplaces these days. That is where the staples from flooring staple guns show better results. Staplers are best suited for carpeting, as there is a lower chance of spoiling the carpet with too much applied pressure. If you are using devices, you can quickly install a floor or carpet.


  • You should pick a floor staple gun to work with any brittle wood materials;
  • This tool can be good for American hardwoods;
  • Easy to use;
  • Very versatile;
  • Reliable;

Many construction choices, such as nails and glues, weaken and reduce the pressure on the walls. If you use staples from a flooring staple gun, you don’t have to go through the hassle of removing the fasteners. Flooring staple guns are quite simple to use and versatile – this is the major benefit.

Some floor staple guns are specially built to avoid marks on the floor surface and though they are rolled across the tile or carpet. As long as these handheld devices are picked correctly, you should have great results.

Final thoughts

Now you are probably aware why a flooring staple gun can be a great pick for the installation of floors. It’s specifically made for the installation of exotic flooring and is thus only appropriate for cleats, but its efficiency is just too strong, even though it is not quite flexible.