A nailer (also known as a nail gun) is a reliable instrument that may assist in nail punching tasks. Make your DIY projects or jobs easier with one of powerful nailers. You don’t apply a nail gun to push a nail from time to time to put a shelf onto the house wall. The hammer will fit very well for such small tasks. But if you’re involved in DIY, home renovation, and maintenance work, then a nail gun could become a perfect power tool. This is a required power resource for practitioners such as carpenters, construction and roofing contractors, architects, etc.

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Nail guns are must-have tools for most construction projects because they enable you to drive up to hundreds of nails in one beat. Bear in mind that nailers can offer different uses for various tasks. Some nailers can be great only for flooring jobs, others – for upholstery projects. The power source of the nail gun is a crucial factor in the transportation of the tool and the type of work it is capable of performing.

Also, you should consider that uses of industrial nailers and nail guns are limited by the device type:

1) Pneumatic nailers drive the nails with air from the special part called the compressor. Pressure levels of the compressor (measured in pounds per square inch or PSI) and capacity (measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM) will be equivalent to or greater than the nailer’s specs. If you’re going to operate other air-powered instruments in addition to a nail gun, check if the compressor can support the combined load. While the pneumatic nail gun can be efficient and capable of performing heavy-duty jobs, the compressor and the air hose may restrict its portability.

2) Cordless, fuel-driven nail guns use the combustion mechanism to drive nails in any hard surface. Gas flows from the empty gas container to the special combustion chamber. The battery generates an electrical charge for the ignition of the petrol. The resultant destructive energy is pushing the screw. There is no need for ropes or hoses, allowing this sort of nailer to have better versatility. A fuel-driven nail gun may be efficient enough for heavy-duty operation, capable of pushing large bolts into hardened materials like hardwood or even metals.

3) Cordless, battery-powered nail guns give better stability than a pneumatic design as it does not need a hose or an air compressor. This model still has a short start time, but it also provides the strength of a pneumatic nail gun.


Despite the power source, most nailers for constructions tasks offer plenty of benefits:

  • Make any tasks faster. If you drive your nails manually, you have to provide ample time to repair it precisely. But with a nailer, any job gets a few times quicker. You do not realize the value of pace for a small project, but for a larger project, it really matters a great deal how fast you can complete the job.
  • They are safe, especially for fingers. Moving nails with a hammer is getting a big risk of damaging one’s fingertips because the nails tend to be kept inside the tool all the time. But the nail guns don’t require it. One can quickly move the nails to a location that needs just one side, only by activating it. Also, it’s likely to have major causes. Now, you can operate with it comfortably without wearing gloves. In spite of all its safety features, any user should take certain other precautions, such as the use of protective goggles and safety-toe shoes.
  • There is no need to carry around nails separately. Most premium nailers come with a case to carry pins (nails or staples). A user can comfortably walk around holding just a nailer with a lightweight tool belt. That often makes the job more time-effective. In addition, certain nail weapons, such as roofing nailers, have bearing equipment for nailers and pins. It is an incredible perk.
  • Accuracy is great. That is likely to skip the target or to get nails crooked from the use of a hammer. But there’s no chance that you’d need to do it again if you’re using nail gun devices. Many nailers have a nail-size-fit option that helps the consumer to pick a variety of pins. Some of these tools have LED lights that operate at night with the same degree of precision.

Final thoughts

A nail gun could be a good investment for every specialist or householder. Only the most seasoned, technically qualified craftsman would consider that a nail gun saves time and vastly increases precision. With premium nail guns accessible at budget-friendly prices, there is no excuse for residents and experts not to include one to their list of necessary tools.