The project NailersHub appeared in 2001, in the beautiful city of Charlotte (North Carolina). The founder Raymond Melton had an Engineer’s degree from Wilmington University and practical working experience in a local repair store.

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    June 2024
    M T W T F S S
    Many framing nails carry up to 100 nails in stick packs. Most tools have a magazine that carries a coil of several hundred nails without the necessity of refilling it.
    Tip for users: Some framing nail guns drive the nails that don’t have completely rounded heads, allowing more nails to be positioned in a stick. Many construction regulations forbid the usage of such “clip-headed keys”.


    The framing nailer is considerably the largest nail gun type. Typically, it is picked for heavy-duty building, construction and industrial ventures. The tool’s head may be either rounded or trimmed. The clipped head nailer houses more nails than the rounded one, rendering it suitable for high-volume designs. The most common uses include, but are not limited to, general residential construction, building of desks. wood sheathing, siding, fences, etc. This nailer type is an extremely efficient woodworking device. But if it is improperly applied, a framing nailer can easily become a dangerous tool that will easily inflict severe injuries. Be careful when using these devices, especially if you are a novice. Such nail guns can cope with large tasks, such as the design of foundations, the installation of space extensions or the building of buildings. Framing nail guns are the most high-duty nailer, so their name suits it. Such tools are suitable for use on wood frames in heavy building and renovation jobs. Almost all top-notch framing nail guns may work with 3-1/2 inch nails. They are applied for building large projects like:
    • Whole rooms and even house (walls and floors);
    • Decks;
    • Wood sheathing;
    • Siding;
    • Fences;
    Those instruments are what you’re using for heavy-duty tasks. Of starters, if you’re doing framing all over the building, then you’re going to use a framing nailer.


    • Huge capacity. One magazine will carry about 60 or more nails at the moment, meaning you don’t have to rush about refilling the nails every day;
    • Power. One of the many advantages of a framing nail gun is that it’s incredibly effective. Some models also have pneumatic or electric motors that do not lose the necessary power to drive the nails;
    • Safety. Using a frame nailer is generally much easier than using a hammer. Although a framing nail gun is more efficient and can cause more harm to the fingertips than a hammer, it makes up for all of the vital protection features and improvements at the same time. These devices are a lot more convenient to use than a screw. Your hands won’t get tired even after a few hours of work because the nailers are typically lightweight. Also, these tools do have rubberized handles to ensure the user’s grip is safe and retain optimum stability;
    • User-friendliness. These instruments are built to adjust the depth of the nails to the surface. A number of framing nail guns come with rafters that enable users to hang the tools to the pegboard when you don’t need them;
    • Precision. This instrument provides the effect being more precise than any result offered by a hammer. Since such a tool is typically fitted with a strong compressor and is so specifically built to carry nails, it is very likely to deliver good performance any time;
    • Durability. Unlike the nails that are driven with mallets, the work done by the framing nail gun is much safer. The sheer power and strength of the machine engraves the nails deep into the base and guarantees that they do not slip or break out too long.

    Final Thoughts

    One of the most important devices at every home building location is definitely a framing nailer. A professional framing nail gun pushes a variety of nails into a framing assembly quicker than a qualified carpenter would install the framing nail with a mallet. This accelerates the cycle of building a wall enormously.