The project NailersHub appeared in 2001, in the beautiful city of Charlotte (North Carolina). The founder Raymond Melton had an Engineer’s degree from Wilmington University and practical working experience in a local repair store.

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    June 2024
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    Welcome to the ultimate blog about nailers and staple guns – NailersHub!

    Founded by 45-year old Wilmington University graduate Raymond Melton a few years ago this website about nailers and industrial staplers quickly grew into a full-fledged online catalog. 

    Raymond MeltonThe growth of this resource resembles the personal growth of the founder, Mr. Melton. He started his career in a small building and repair store, then he worked as an expert freelancer and helped to repair houses and office buildings for hundreds of people all over the country. His line of work presumed the use of different professional tools like staplers and industrial nailers. 

    That is why his recommendations about different stapler and nailer models were always based on personal experiences with these tools. The idea of expansion and involvement of professional builders and repairman turned into reality when NailersShub was launched. 

    Nowadays Mr. Melton and his dedicated team work 24/7 to test, review and recommend classic and brand new tools to the fast-growing community of NailersHub!

    This online catalog aims to assist everyone who needs top-notch nailers and staplers for personal and professional use. To save you from an unnecessary and disappointing online purchase, this catalog delivers dozens of profound and recognized tools. Here you will be able to choose the best tool from the best ones you can find in the U.S. market. Fair prices and unbiased reviews are part of the deal when you are browsing NailersHub. The team stands for the quality of every instrument added to the catalog.  

    Buy high-end staplers and nailers in a safely, wisely and budget-friendly way!

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    Types of Nailers & Staplers

    Nailers (also known as nail guns) are the tools used for driving nails into such hard surfaces as wood or metal. Driven by the force of compressed air, flammable gases or electromagnetism these gadgets can make most of the construction jobs easier. Make sure to check the specs before buying.


    Brad Nailers or pneumatic nail guns are driven by the compressed air force. They are safe, lightweight and effective, especially on a small project. Experts recommend these small nail guns for finishing house trims and similar jobs.

    Finish Nailers – are comparatively small and portable tools aimed for precision nailing rather than bulky nailing. They are mostly compatible with thick nails the gauge of which varied from 15 to 16. NailersHub gathered many great finish nailers to choose from.

    Flooring Nailers are covered in two sub-categories, pneumatic and manual. Sometimes these tools are called flooring cleat nailers because they can perfectly take cleat nails for fastening jobs.

    Framing Nailers are modified air guns designed to make any carpenter’s job easier. Typically, they substitute hammers when you need a quick and powerful instrument for precision jobs.

    Palm Nailers are probably the most portable and lightweight nail guns that resemble air-powered hammers. If you don’t want to hurt your hands, choose one of these tools – they can fit the palm of your hand and drive any nail.

    Pin Nailers are good for the most delicate and small jobs because of their reduced length. They will do it for driving headless nails (pins) more than other tools. Check some great pin nailers reviewed by NailersHub.

    Roofing Nailers are designed for driving the nails in asphalt or fiberglass. Some experts also use these instruments for nailing insulation boards or waterproof tar paper.

    Siding Nailers are extremely light (no more than 5 pounds) and simple to use. If you are looking for the best instrument to finish a siding job, check these nail guns. All of them offer good build and many features.


    Staplers (mostly known as staple guns or industrial staplers) are mostly hand-held tools used for driving metal staples into such hard surfaces as metal, plastic, masonry and wood. Accurate and lightweight tools in this NailersHub category can make any fastening jobs faster and easier.

    Carpet Staplers can be good for fixing any thick or thin carpets to floors, walls and stairs. Check the specs before buying because only a few staple guns are ready for heavy-duty carpeting jobs.

    Construction Staplers can become irreplaceable tools in your toolbox if you need to drive nails in plywood, sheathing or any other weak material. You can be sure that such staple guns won’t tear weal materials apart (like most nail guns do). These tools can be also great for many house repair jobs.

    Finish Staplers can be efficient instruments for any trim jobs where staples are more preferable than nails. The staple from such a gun can cover more surface than any nail, so the result will be quick and efficient.

    Flooring Staplers can be great tools for working with engineered and hardwood floors. They may help to do the job faster. Also, these instruments can add stability to floor nails.

    Roofing Staplers can easily be the best tools if you need to hold a shingle in place. Only a few IRC-approved tools can be found in the market under this category. Check the best roofing staplers reviewed by NailersHub!

    Upholstery Staplers are the vast category because almost any medium wire staplers can keep upholstery fastened and neat. Here you may check the staplers for 20 or 22-gauge staples.

    Why should you use NailersHub?

    When did you check how many staplers and nailers are offered online? Amazon, Walmart, small and large manufacturers offer literally hundreds of tools under this category. Even if you are not a novice, finding an affordable, easy-to-use and durable instrument of decent quality can become a challenge. 

    That is when NailersHub comes to the rescue! Stop wasting your time, money and nerves for buying lame tools for your DIY or professional projects. Do smart shopping with this useful blog of the best, good and decent staplers and nailers.

    Here is what you can get while browsing NailersHub:

    User-friendly navigation and search
    Daily updated catalog of nailers and industrial staplers. Check over a dozen different categories to find what you need
    Short descriptions, technical specifications and detailed reviews of the tools
    Unbiased opinion of repair experts, freelancers and people who work with staplers/nailers regularly
    Tips for DIY home repair jobs, where to buy affordable tools, how to prolong the life service of expensive equipment and dozens of other useful guides
    Compare the prices in real-time
    Customer support – you call/write, we answer and help
    User feedback – feel free to ask, comment and share anything related to your experience with industrial staplers and nailers
    Ask an expert – ask any questions to the expert directly in the comments and you will definitely get an answer

    What People Think About Us

    Thanks to NailersHub I managed to pick the industrial stapler that doesn’t suck. The managers guided me through the process of choosing and buying because I had doubts and couldn’t decide what to choose to staple my carpet flooring flawlessly. As a result, I’ve bought the affordable and powerful stapler gun by Dewalt (not an ad). Guys, keep posting more new reviews about other industrial and repair tools!
    Manny F., Utah
    Manny F., Utah
    The team of experts – check! Detailed reviews – check! An ability to compare the prices – check! I’ve been looking for a decent nailer to do some renovation in my garage. There are so many nailers with different features. NailersHub does what others reviewers and testers skip – they share personal thoughts about the use of all tools they review. You can be sure that the tool was tested by a few people before the review was compiled. Awesome work!
    G. Brohn., Seattle
    G. Brohn., Seattle
    I had a simple task – buy a new carpet stapler for my small repair business. These guys sent me a couple of links to their reviews and helped to find the store where to buy an authentic tool. I’ve also managed to save $20 thanks to their advice. If you need to buy a durable carpet stapler, visit NailersHub. Simple as that.
    Rodger Quinn, LA
    Rodger Quinn, LA

    Why should you trust NailersHub?

    Unbiased reviews and opinions

    The team behind NailersHub doesn’t cooperate/collaborate/work with any brand or manufacturer of nailers and staplers. Just like readers, the experts buy new and classic tools by different brands represented in the U.S. market and make unbiased reviews. Tests and trials are must-have things to do before writing a new review. You can be sure to get the full hands-on reviews instead of just another press release or promotional post. All the information on this website is 100% independent and unbiased.

    Communication with the audience

    NailersHub focuses on building a dedicated and loyal community. That is why the opinion of each member is important. The audience may vote, leave comments, rate and suggest new products for reviews. Thanks to the user feedback, each instrument in the catalog can get an updated review and technical specifications. The team always gives the audience the benefit of the doubt so you may affect the content posted on the website. 

    Compare the actual prices

    All prices are updated in real time, according to the information provided by official distributors and sellers on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. If you notice incorrect price tags, please inform the team (check the Contacts or just leave a comment). Your feedback on prices is much appreciated. 

    NailersHub works hard to make your choice of top-notch nailers and staplers easier. Visit the website, pick the models, compare the technical specs, read the detailed reviews and buy the instruments fitting your budget. 

    Feel free to ask any questions and come back as many times as you need! NailersHub is your number 1 choice when you need to buy a high-end stapler/nailer!


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