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    May 2024
    M T W T F S S


    Builders and DIYers may choose various types of construction staple guns with different uses:
    • Upholstery and fine wire staple guns can be applied for the installation/repair of insulation and roof felt;
    • Wide crown staplers for sheathing and wraps of houses;
    • Medium crown staple guns will do for any vinyl-siding installation;
    • Narrow crown staple guns for the construction of mattresses and beds, as well as for furniture trims, window casings, moldings;
    Any decent artisan has a number of staples in his toolbox. Major 3 types of construction staplers – manual, electrical and pneumatic – are separated by the power source, which offers them specific benefits on the basis of the job or task. Besides the picked type and building jobs, construction staplers can be used for: 1) Carpeting jobs. Another perfect application for the construction staple gun can be found in the carpet industry. Carpeting may be accomplished using a range of different methods. But the staple gun would make the job a lot simpler than it might have been without the staple gun. You may stack your carpets to the floor, to the ceiling, depending on your rug preferences. This device type is particularly good as it does not leave significant injury stains on the floor or walls and, in most situations, the holes are harder to repair than the gaps in the screws or pins. 2) Home renovation and carpentry jobs. Carpentry is another task when the construction staple gun will be employed to make life simpler. Such a staple gun may help to fasten some materials and wood to the desired piece. When, for example, you want to attach wooden panels to the wall or floor, the tool, particularly the electric one, may be of great help here. 3) Decorative jobs. Construction staple guns are also used in a practical manner outside the professional. For example, if you’re setting up a birthday party, a staple gun can help you fasten things to the trees and outside the house. This stapler type has a number of applications where you really need to get imaginative with creativity. 4) Tool shed and gardening projects. Once it comes to the greenhouse or garden, there’s still a lot of work to do. Once again, we will use a staple gun to support you with the multiple functions. When you know what you want to do with the specific flowers and the location of them, you should miss the nail and hammer the component to push the staple device. You may pick construction staplers to fasten those wooden frames, so your flowers and plants have anything to rely on, or a place to rise.


    • Accurate – leaves very precise stapling with ease;
    • Strength – these are the most powerful staplers in the lineup;
    • Safe – carpenters pick these devices to protect their fingers and hands;
    • Forget about bent nails – much better than a handheld hammer, a construction staple gun can drive the nails straight to the material;
    • Better productivity – contemporary construction staplers can save a lot of time and be more productive because there is no much need for refilling;
    • Better results because these devices can deliver the proper depth without any damages;
    • Hand fatigue is reduced to minimum because of the ergonomic design;

    Final Thoughts

    If you think of a heavy-duty stapler, the first idea that could come to mind is a house stapler-in other words, not the typical office stapler. Some of the building staplers appear very close to the nail gun, so they’re normally not far off in operation – that’s after you’ve put the fasteners into the box. The range of construction staplers differs depending on the job.