The project NailersHub appeared in 2001, in the beautiful city of Charlotte (North Carolina). The founder Raymond Melton had an Engineer’s degree from Wilmington University and practical working experience in a local repair store.

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    June 2024
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    Although it is possible to nail the pieces of wood manually, and people have been doing it for ages, this is often a time-consuming tiresome operation, so the results might not be quite satisfying. A floor nailer allows doing the same job a few times faster, it also guarantees that the nails are placed at the right angle (most models offer 45 degrees) to ensure that you never have to think over the incorrect location. Flooring nail guns also come in two models, manual or pneumatic (air-powered). A manual nailer may need extra power, because it depends entirely on the strength of its operator. Pneumatic flooring nailers, on the other side, support the customer by supplying extra power when placing a nail. When adding a cleat, any of these devices would allow the user to drive the nails almost effortlessly. The amount of pressure needed depends on the hardness of the mounted wooden pieces. The thicker wood would need longer cleats, which would also need more power to move the fastener. You’ll consider it better to use a pneumatic flooring nailer for hardwood – for example, Brazilian Cherry.


    The floor nailer is not your usual nailing device. This is not as flexible as other nailers, and is specifically built for one particular purpose; to enable easy laying of hardened floorboards. Use this tool because it is safer than nailing with any mallet to the degree that it means the nails or clots are pushed at the same angle and depth during the whole process. The user only should keep the instrument at the edge of the board and to use the nylon mallet to strike the plunger gently to move the nails. Flooring nailers are various from the traditional nail weapons. Such nailers are specially built to allow the laying of tongue-and-groove floorboards to work easily. The nailer is placed on the bottom of the plate, and the plastic mallet is used to reach the plunger. This system guarantees that nails (or cleats) are pushed at the correct angle and depth. There are two styles of flooring nail guns: pneumatic and handheld. They are used in identical forms, but pneumatic tools utilize air friction to make the nail travel through the floorboard. Pneumatic flooring nailers need less applied force from a human. Flooring nail guns are not as flexible as other nailers, since they have little usage other than setting floorboards.


    • Flooring nail guns are some of the best tools to work with hardwood floors (installation). Such a small device can make any installation process faster;
    • Quick and secure process of driving the nails. When the bits of wood are lined up to be attached with the nail gun, it can be locked securely. When you decide to do the job quicker by moving the nails, there is no better device than one of these nails guns.
    • Safety of fingers and toes. When you operate your nails manually, there is no guarantee of your body’s safety. The nails are hard, so the fingers may easily get stuck. And it’s much easier to use the right flooring nail guns to do the work than work with hammers. Your palms won’t get hurt by the cleats, and there are no risks of cutting the fingers;
    • A user doesn’t have to carry a stack of nails. The nails don’t need to be carried because you’re using the flooring nail guns. Nails are typically placed within the device to transfer them on various surfaces. The tool belt should feel better because there’s no additional box of nails you’ve got to cart around while you’re using a mallet;
    • Great level of accuracy. The biggest advantage of having the flooring nail gun is the degree of accuracy you will get while installing nails to the floors. You need to place the tip of the nail in the correct direction for the machine to strike the ideal location. The efficiency of your work should improve as you use nailers while installing the floor panels.

    Final Thoughts

    No matter what flooring nailer you will eventually pick, it will work quicker than heavier industrial tools (think of hammers). You may also expect consistency and efficiency of the product. Therefore, it is better to invest in premium flooring nail guns for qualified builder jobs or just for DIY home repair or restoration projects.