The project NailersHub appeared in 2001, in the beautiful city of Charlotte (North Carolina). The founder Raymond Melton had an Engineer’s degree from Wilmington University and practical working experience in a local repair store.

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    June 2024
    M T W T F S S
    One more obvious thing about siding nailers – they are better for piercing thin wooden pieces and rubber domes. Some finishing jobs can be also done with this nail gun.


    Well, as its name suggests, a siding nailer was made to install sidings. You may apply a framing nail gun to do the siding jobs, but the nails inside them are usually bigger than you require for mounting the siding. Siding nailers, on the contrary, use nails with a broader head. The shorter nails in them fit really well for piercing any siding material. Another key aspect of a siding nailer is its smooth tip, which offers the optimal control both for hard or soft substances while maintaining the siding materials safely. Aluminum nails for siding nail guns are accessible for metal siding jobs. On the contrary, it is relevant to combine a slimmer piece and two distinct materials like wood and vinyl joining. Most of us are going to try to join these materials with a framing nailer. And the outcome is going to be disappointing. Here you should pick a siding nailer that works smoother. For starters, aluminum pins as well as galvanized nails should be only picked for vinyl siding. While all roofing nails mostly belong to the same type, siding nails have specific versions that make them easier to distinguish. These tools are all the variations between the two nailers. You can also note that the side nailers are a few pounds lighter than the frame arms. A typical siding nailer weights around 5 pounds, while the coil framing nailers usually offer 8-9 pounds minimum. It makes the siding nail gun even more suitable for those repairman who need to install the siding at the height, because it would be less tiring to use.


    • Since you may pick coil-nails for this device, it significantly saves your time that is usually spent for refilling;
    • Most siding nailers have special air filters for reducing debris and dust when using them;
    • The depth adjustment can be great for doing many jobs – from the installation of siding and finishing;
    • Typically these nails guns are very portable and lightweight;
    • Interchangeable with a framing nailer;
    • Can perform both single shots and bump shots;
    • Most models have a trigger lock to save you from any unwanted shots;
    • Ergonomic design;

    Final Thoughts

    A siding nail gun is a new invention in the family of nail weapons. Siding nails are supposed to drive thin nails to install/hold siding for an extended period. Unlike a framing nailer, this strong instrument ties together bigger parts to create a solid wooden frame.