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    June 2024
    M T W T F S S


    Upholstery staplers as well as wire construction staplers have similar characteristics – in addition, there is also a small similarity in certain 20-gauge models. So, it is necessary to ensure that the product you choose is designed for the appropriate use. Some upholstery staplers are primarily built for upholstery uses, whereas others give space for flexibility. Other versions of upholstery staplers may come with a long hose to add upholstery in very tight and narrow places. Keep in mind there are three different types of upholstery staplers with different uses: 1) Manual upholstery staplers. Such upholstery staplers resemble hand-held pistols operated by the applied force from the hand and elbow. This ensures you need to exert leverage to get them to work. This also ensures that after applying a handheld stapler for a bit, you’ll get sore or you’ll get a painful neck. These are really compact on the other side, as you can carry them to operate everywhere without the need for power or a compressor part. These models are typically picked for many types of work, but mostly for simple tasks. 2) Electric (corded) upholstery staplers. The electrical staple gun for upholstery requires electricity as the source of power. Most devices come with power cables, although some use rechargeable batteries and are portable. The magnetic stapler is simpler to use as you only need to push the button and the staples are shot onto the wood, and you don’t have to use hand muscles to move the handle. 3) Pneumatic staplers for upholstery jobs. This model requires the air pressure of the motor to operate. They behave much like electrical ones, except for the air hose that attaches to a generator instead of a power line. The benefits of these devices entail speed and power, but also they are pricey and require a special compressor to operate. Pneumatic devices are the premium staplers for professionals. Thanks to these staple guns, you may do various upholstery jobs like repairing old chairs by fixing/adding/replacing the foam. It also can be a nice choice if you perform home repair/maintenance such as roof insulation, window/door frame installation / replacement, and arts & crafts.


    The pros of premium upholstery staple guns are numerous:
    • They prevent jamming. Jamming may destroy staples, which means your long-term operating cost. Investing in a platform that jams seldom will save you time and anger.
    • Portability. It is better to invest in a stapler that weighs no more than 2.5 pounds. The stapler should be very simple to use and maintain.
    • Versatility. There are plenty of uses for a special upholstery stapler. The most obvious ones are the installation or repair of upholstery on chairs and sofas. Right now it’s easier than ever to fix or add the premium upholstery to your furniture pieces.

    Final Thoughts

    If you strive to achieve great results when doing any upholstery jobs, then consider picking special upholstery staplers. Before buying, you should choose advantages and disadvantages of each model. Bear in mind that heavier staplers may not cope with more delicate upholstery jobs.