Staplers (a.k.a. industrial staplers or staple guns) offer a lot of advantages to DIYers, builders, handymen, craftsmen and people who are somehow involved in construction jobs.

Staplers are classified as handheld devices applied for driving the heavy staples (cleats) into various materials and objects. Heavy-duty staple guns may easily cope with hardwood, thick plastic and stainless steel, though there are lighter and less powerful models for arts and crafts.

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You may pick among three major type of industrial staplers:

  • Manual staplers – these cheap, portable and quite versatile devices are based on a simple spring mechanism;
  • Electric staplers – corded or cordless devices require less muscle strengths but they are bulkier;
  • Pneumatic staplers work with the air pressure mechanism that is why these devices may save your time and electric power. They are quite powerful and precise as well;


A staple gun is commonly picked for a number of purposes. Despite the kind of staple gun you have, it is crucial to use it correctly and, most significantly, to apply the correct kind and scale of staples to prevent jamming and other issues.

The most common uses of an industrial stapler include:

1. Carpeting jobs. These tools are picked up in numerous home renovation programs. Some of the more common uses of staple weapons is carpeting. Carpets may be mounted with a staple gun, which may be applied not only to the board, but also to walls, as in the case of the wall mounting of carpets for better soundproofing.

2. Upholstery installation/repair. Staple guns are frequently picked for upholstery designs. Through attaching the staple across the cloth to the frame of a sofa or chair, the cloth may be strengthened to produce a smoother covering and avoid creases. These forms of staplers have a lot of strength as they need to be fixed and firmly connected to wood, rubber, cloth or clothing. Many of such staple guns do have the capacity to mount screws, and not just staples.

3. Carpentry projects and home renovation. Staplers are suitable for different home maintenance tasks that sometimes arise in households from time to time. They may easily cope with cloth or wood. Fabrics typically include upholstery and rug designs, as already stated and listed above. Carpentry tasks include the usage of a stapler for fastening furniture, such as panels and frames.

4. Construction works. Some construction projects also demand the use of a stapler. These jobs range from minor ventures, such as the building of a dog house to larger-scale home renovation jobs.

5. Flooring jobs. When you choose to operate on the floor of your building, there’s no need for qualified help. So long as you’ve got a staple tool, you can do it yourself fairly quickly. Such staplers may be used to mount carpets and place them back on the board. What’s more, the instrument also lets you patch something on the walls, which is very useful to make a soundproof room.

6. Packaging. When it comes to packing, all of us are acquainted with the conventional form of wrapping paper. But, if you own a staple gun, you should definitely try making a swap. When the package flies far or has to stay on your porch in extreme weather conditions, the tape adhesive will begin to melt away. By using staples, though, you don’t need to think about it.


  • Versatility of uses, especially if you pick a manual staple gun;
  • Very easy to apply, even if you are a novice;
  • Suitable and safe to use even in harsh conditions;
  • Premium staple guns are quite durable;
  • Affordable;
  • High mobility – most staple guns are lighter than nail guns because they are not inclined for heavy-duty jobs;
  • Can cope with different materials – from plastic to metal surfaces;

Final thoughts

If you’re a DIYer or handyman, a staple gun could become a great addition to your toolbox. Staplers are capable of making such things even easier and time-consuming. This basic tool would also help you to make quick fixes and maintenance in your home without needing to waste time on contacting the pros.